Hospital Gift Box Program

Small World United has one service – to bring BIG smiles, to small faces! And we do this by donating hand-packaged, magical and authentic DisneyTM themed Gift Boxes, directly to hospitals around the country, to deliver to their pediatric patients that have been admitted for overnight stays, or longer.

While we aren’t officially affiliated with the Walt Disney World Company, every item inside of our gift boxes, is purchased DIRECTLY from Walt Disney World! Hand packaged with love, and personally delivered to hospitals, by teams of local volunteers. Once the hospital receives their donated boxes, they are then able to share the magic with their pint-sized patients (ages 0-17) that have been admitted for overnight stays, or longer.


Ages 3 & Under

Our hospital gift boxes are suitable for all children's ages! Our 3 and Under boxes, come with a Mickey Mouse plush, and other soft toys!

Ages 3+

All of our hospital gift boxes contain an authentic Mickey Mouse plush, along with other age-appropriate gifts, straight from Walt Disney World!


Next Steps...

Are you employed by a Children’s Hospital and interested in signing up for our Small World United Gift Box Program? Then head over to the Contact Us page to get started!