What age ranges are your Hospital Gift Boxes suited for?

Our hospital gift boxes are tailored for children of ALL ages!! Our gift boxes come in three categories, each containing age-appropriate items: Children under the age of 3, children aged 3-11, and children aged 12-17.

Do the gift boxes contain food items?

Due to food allergies, and the fact that many of hospital pediatric patients are on special or liquid diets, our gift boxes DO NOT contain any food items.

Is Small World United part of the Walt Disney Company?

While all Small World United gift box items are purchased DIRECTLY from Walt Disney World, and contain authentic DisneyTM products, we are NOT currently affiliated with the Walt Disney Company. It is our hope, to one day, have their full support, but until then, we will keep bringing big smiles to small faces, one hospital at a time!

How do I refer my hospital?

We are always looking for new hospitals to partner with for our Hospital Gift Box program! If you would like to refer your hospital, please head over to our Contact Us page, to get started!

How can I contribute?

There are several ways you can contribute! The easiest way, is by heading over to our Home page, to donate! We currently accept PayPal, and all major credit cards . You can also mail in a check to: Small World United, 22 Main St., Limestone, ME 04750.

Looking to volunteer? We occasionally look for local volunteers to help hand-package and deliver our gift boxes to newly partnered hospitals! Please head over to the Contact Us page, to send a message, and we’ll look to see if there are any volunteer opportunities in your area!

Is Small World United a 501(c)3 non-profit organization?

Not yet! Small World United is currently working on obtaining their 501(c)3 tax-exempt designation. Check back often, as we will update our website as soon as our tax-exempt status has been confirmed!