Our Story

When life gives you lemons…. Sometimes, it takes a special delivery of sugar, to help make the lemonade. And this is exactly what Small World United does. We deliver the spoonful of sugar.

Small World United founder, Lianne Lapierre, and her husband, Joe, are no strangers to spending time in hospitals. Their two sons (Evan, 11 and Dayton, who passed away in 2003), were born with severe Hemophilia – a disorder in which blood lacks the ability to clot. Dayton spent many weeks in and out of the hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, during his 6 months of life, including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. It was during this time, that Lianne and Joe experienced first-hand, what it was like to be on the receiving end of “hospital magic.” From service-dogs and football players, to Santa bearing gifts - the hospital always seemed to have ways to make their tiny patients, and their families, smile.

A few years later, Lianne and Joe found themselves, yet again, spending quite a bit of time in the hospital, with their second son, Evan. From his diagnosis to Hemophilia, to multiple surgeries and an uncountable number of emergency room visits, even in rural northern Maine, the hospitals always found ways to bring a little bit of joy, to a time and place where joy is almost the furthest from your heart.

It was during one of these hospital stays, Lianne decided that bringing joy to children who had to stay overnight in hospitals, was something she felt she HAD to do. Bring smiles, to those little faces – even if it was just for a little while.

Lianne spent every summer growing up, in Florida, with her father – and one thing they did each summer, was visit Walt Disney World. There was always something magical about being at Disney – like nothing else in the world mattered when you were there. And those feelings of magic, have stuck with Lianne far into adulthood. Magic that Lianne has been able to share with her sons. So, it came as no surprise, that Disney magic, was what Small World United wanted, and needed, to share with others.

Small World United reaches out to hospitals around the nation, and donates authentic DisneyTM themed gift boxes, for children that have been admitted for overnight stays, and it is OUR hope, that this project can grow to be bigger than we ever imagined possible, but we can only do it, with the generous donations of incredible individuals, like you.

Next Steps...

We are only able to provide our hospital gift boxes because of donations from individuals like you! Please consider donating today to help bring Big Smiles to Small Faces!